5 Ways to Wear Pleats

5 Ways to Wear Pleats
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Pleats are classic fashion. This is because they never go out of style, unlike other fashion trends. Pleated clothing is essential in every wardrobe. This is not only because they remain ever-trendy but also because they fit every body type or shape.

Pleats can be featured in different types of clothes and on different parts of the cloth. Pleats can be worn as a skirt, or as a blouse. Pleats can also be worn as a gown, jumpsuit, or trousers. The sleeves of a dress can also feature pleats as well as the edge.

There are several ways to wear pleats; in this article, I’ll be sharing with you five ways to wear it.

Wear as a skirt

Pleated skirt Pleated skirt

The most common way to wear pleats is to wear a skirt. Pleated skirts come in varying lengths and styles. It could be knee-length, midi length, three-quarter length, and full length. Pleated skirts could also be high waist or low waist. The pleats can also be as a form of adjoining at the end of a straight midi skirt.

The pleats itself have variations. It could be box pleats(kiss pleats), gathered pleats, knife pleats, so on. You can wear pleated skirts can with fitted tops or free tops.

You can also wear with heels, sneakers, or sandals depending on the look you are going for. For a laid back or casual look, wear a knee-length pleated skirt with a tucked in breezy top and sneakers. For a dressy look, wear a fitted top tucked into a pleated skirt with heels.

Wear as a Blouse

Pleats can also be worn as a blouse. The most common form of wearing pleats as a blouse is the peplum top. You can get creative with it by incorporating some pleats into the sleeves of your blouse. For a fun breezy look, you can wear pleats in a blouse as an A-shape pleated blouse. You can also wear as a corset, as in the picture below

Pleated corset topPleated corset top

Wear as pants

Pleated pants

Pleated pants

One very interesting way to wear pleats is to wear as pants. This is because pleated pants give off a sexy and powerful vibe. It
instantly takes the wearer from drab to boss lady.

Pleated pants come in varying widths depending on your taste. There are the averagely sized ones and there are the super wide-legged ones with a diameter that can go on forever, even to rival the width of oxford bags.

Like every other pleated cloth, pleated pants fit every body shape and type. It also billows nicely against the calves, in the wind. The best way to wear pleated pants, especially the wide ones is to wear with a fitted blouse. You can also wear it in a suit as a pantsuit set especially ones with average diameters. For shoes, sneakers, or pumps would do depending on the look you want to create.

Wear as a gown or a shirt dress

Pleated shirt dress

Apart from the skirt, another common way to wear pleats in apparel is to wear a pleated gown. Pleated gowns are not only easy to wear but they are also quite versatile. You can dress up or dress down pleated gowns to suit the occasion. You can also style with a variety of fashion accessories or pieces such as belts and blazers.

One way to deviate from the norm when it comes to pleated gowns is to wear the pleats as a shirt dress. This isn’t as widely worn as the conventional gown.

Also, pleated shirt dresses give room for versatility when it comes to styling. You can re-purpose or re-style them as a jacket or kimono over other clothes like in the picture below
Pleated shirt dress as kimono

Wear as a jumpsuit

Tired of the conventional Jumpsuit? Then try a pleated one. Pleated jumpsuits like pleated pants give the wearer a bodacious look. You can wear pleated jumpsuits in the form of culottes, playsuits, or the normal full length. You can also pair it with a variety of footwear: mules, sandals, heels, and sneakers.

Pleated jumpsuit Pleated jumpsuit


There’s nothing to be afraid of when wearing pleats. The fact that it never goes out of style is a huge relief and a huge burden taken off our shoulders as fashionistas. There’s nothing to be afraid of also because it leaves room for versatility when it comes to styling. And the best part is that it fits every body type or shape!

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    Eniola Elaine

    These are amazing dresses and they look very good on you, but not only is my body type different, I also have a line of work that restricts my dressing, how do I still stay fashionable even with constrictions?

    1. Ikeoluwa

      You first need to keep in mind the restrictions then work your way around it. For instance, if you can’t wear a sleeveless dress at your work place, then you go for a dress with sleeves that has all the details the sleeveless dress you wanted so badly but could not wear to have. Also it takes practice. You’ll need to experiment with several pieces within the constrictions. And also don’t forget layering. Layering outfits is bae.

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