What Fashion Means to Me

What Fashion Means to Me

These are really challenging and disturbing times for the entire human race due to recent happenings. In times of crisis such as this, we as human beings usually rely on anchors: things that help ground us to what we believe and hold most dear. It is in this light that I have been thinking about things and people who serve as my anchor during challenging times, and I came to identify fashion as one of those anchors. This necessitated a reassessment of what the term ‘fashion’ means to me personally.

For most people, the first set of things that come to mind when they hear the word ‘fashion’, are clothes, shoes, and bags. While this perception or definition of fashion is correct, fashion has a more extensive meaning. It can be used with just about anything such as cars (i.e. the car in fashion) or even houses. The initial perception or definition of fashion would be correct if fashion is being considered as related to dress. Fashion as related to dress would refer to clothes, shoes, bags and all other bodily adornments such as jewelry, tattoos, and hairdo among others that are common at a particular time. Time is an important factor for something to be regarded as fashion. Since this is not a fashion theories class, I will be considering fashion in the general sense of the word.

In the general sense of the word, fashion can be defined or regarded as just clothes and other bodily adornments which include hair, makeup, tattoos. Fashion no doubt, means all of this but it could mean so much more and can be defined in so many ways when considered from an individual perspective. In this post, I will be sharing what fashion means to me.

 Fashion to me means confidence 

‘I have always believed that fashion was not only to make women more beautiful but also to reassure them, give them confidence’. – Yves Saint Laurent

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For me, dressing up is a confidence booster. When I dress up and do it well, I feel like I can do just about anything. It gives me the confidence I need when I have to approach people. It gives me the self-assurance I need when entering a room. Pep talks and motivational books are great confidence boosters, they, however, come second place to fashion (dressing up).

Fashion to me is a means of escape.

‘Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.’ – Bill Cunningham

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People have different ways to escape from or cope with the realities of everyday life. Fashion does this perfectly for me. Dressing up ensures that I do not look like my problems. It helps me to keep moving forward no matter what I am going through. Dressing up is one thing I always look forward to, no matter the circumstance I might find myself.

Fashion to me is joy

‘The joy of dressing is an art’ – John Galliano

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Fashion to me is a ‘joy giver’. For me, dressing up or playing dress-up can lift me from the foulest of moods. There is a certain joy you derive from wearing a cloth, a shoe or jewelry that makes you feel beautiful: that joy in itself is therapeutic.

Hence, the definition of fashion to me would be “something that boosts my confidence on days when I need a boost, a form of escapism from the banalities of everyday life, and a source of happiness”. In not so many words, this is what fashion means to me.  What does fashion mean to you? Feel free to drop your comments.



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    Ennie Silver

    😳😳😍😍😍 Fashion to me is Joy. It makes me happy.

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    Nice blog…exactly fashion is a wide and deep concept many people have lost meaning to and i real appreciate your blog for being an eyeopener

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