How to wear Ankara and Patterned Outfits

How to wear Ankara and Patterned Outfits
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Gone are the days when pairing two different Ankara fabrics was a taboo. These days the Ankara print is combined in so many beautiful ways. Some ladies pair two different Ankara prints together to make a whole outfit. others combine Ankara prints with patterned fabrics.

 In recent times, pairing Ankara fabrics with patterned fabrics have become the rave. I admit this trend is like a double-edged sword in the sense that there’s a thin line between looking cool and looking outrageous. I’m sure there are a lot of people out there who want to jump on this trend but are scared of looking outrageous. Well if you are one of such people and you are reading this post, today is your lucky day. Here are some guidelines to help you slay this trend effortlessly. 

Consider the colour theme

One way to play it safe with the AnkaraXpattern trend is to stick to the colour theme of the fabric. Of course, Ankara fabrics are usually multicolored but they usually have one dominant colour. So what you want to do is to pick the dominant colour.

You can also pick the colour that serves as the highlight in the Ankara and look for a patterned fabric of the same colour. For example, if the dominant colour of your Ankara blouse is blue, you should go for a blue checkered fabric. 
In the picture below I opted for a yellow skirt because yellow is a highlight in my Ankara fabric.
Ankara and patterned outfit

Consider the compatibility of your pieces

Like you are wont to do when styling normal non patterned clothes, put into consideration the compatibility of your clothing pieces. For instance, if you were dressing up for work or any occasion in general, and you wanted to wear a skirt and a blouse, you’d make sure that the style of skirt you have in mind matches the style of the blouse you want to wear. The same thing goes for pairing Ankara and pattern fabrics together. Combine each piece like you would your everyday non-patterned English wears.
Ankara and patterned outfit



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Have a dash of plain fabric between the Ankara and the patterned fabric to tone down things.

Another way to play it safe with this trend is to have an expanse of plain fabric in-between your Ankara and patterned outfit. For instance, you can put on a patterned blouse with a plain skirt that has an Ankara adornment at the end

Ankara and patterned outfit with a dash of plain fabric  

Keep your accessories minimal

If you are already spotting an Ankara and patterned outfit, you might want to keep your bags and shoes monochrome. Having monochrome accessories not only gives room for your outfit to shine through, but it also takes the edginess away from the outfit.
Note: there is nothing wrong with wearing multicolored accessories with an AnkaraXpattern outfit. It all depends on the vibe you are going for.
Ankara and patterned outfit with monochrome accessories  

Be confident

Lastly, be confident! You’ve spent all those hours brainstorming, standing in front of the mirror, pairing and repairing your Ankara and Pattern outfit. Now you need to be confident and step out in them. Remember nothing ups your fashion game like stepping out confidently in your outfit.

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